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Situated between mountains and the prestine beaches and sea. ECO is in a prime location of viewing mountains, Estuary , Wetlands and Beach with our experienced guides to guide you through a ride you will never forget. Views ,Views and more views are encountered on our outrides/trail rides. Birds, wild horses and small wild life can be seen. Our horses are trained and safe for first timers/ beginners and the more experienced rider.
We offer lessons for children and adults private or group with our British qualified instructor or her assistant. In the Lessons we work withing the riders ability to build confidence and balance, partnership with the horse and feel to overcome riders and horses problems. Creating a team between horse and rider.
Partnerships that grow with age to instill a golden bond between horse and rider with the least tension possible, A freely moving horse with no restrictions.
Livery is offered at our yard with the emphasis on natural freedom for our horses to be treated as a horse in herds.
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