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Whether you are hosting a dinner party, trying to break the ice at a corporate function or just having some friends over for a fun evening; we have a wide range of game products for you to choose from depending on your personal taste or party needs.

Let us host your private mystery!
Team building events, year end functions, corporate parties, special birthdays, anniversaries or club meetings. We can add our mystery games to your event to get everyone talking and having fun. Our team of professional hosts will be able to make sure that your event is fun and memorable and you get to sit back and play while we take care of the mysterious Nitty-Gritty. We can even write you a new mystery game to your specifications! Add a mystery to your event!

Buy a DIY mystery game!
Choose and play one of our "Do It Yourself" mystery games! You will receive all your mystery files including the hosting guide in your Fileshare download. Following the steps you will be the host or "Hostess with the Mostess" and solve our game with friends and family in the comfort of your own home or favourite venue. Check out our selection of DIY games!

Join us for dinner and a mystery!
Once a month we host a mystery event at one of our select partners in the city. You can either book a table for yourself and friends or you can join a party and meet new and interesting people. Everyone dresses for their parts and enjoys interrogating one another as part of the investigation while enjoying dinner. We hope you can join us and be part of the mystery!

Diy Mystery Game Including Host Only Service



Diy Mystery Game Including Host Only Service

Diy Mystery Game Including Host Only Service

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