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Monkeybiz is an economic upliftment project dedicated to reviving the traditional craft of African beadwork and empowering women to become financially independent. Since 2000, Monkeybiz has supported just over 300 bead artists to continue creating these unique artworks. All profits from the sale of the artworks go back into the community where beaders are provided with food vouchers and burial funds for their immediate families.

The crowning achievement of Monkeybiz is that it recognises and develops the artistic ability of people who have never had the opportunity to express themselves through art. Monkeybiz provides a platform for beaders to become artists within their own right.

Each training session booked or piece bought or commissioned, gives back to the community and makes a difference in the lives of so many. Without this support Monkeybiz will not be able to change these lives.

Training In The Art Of Beading


Cape Town

Training In The Art Of Beading

Training In The Art Of Beading

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