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Learn how to Earn
Anywhere, anytime
Free for all Adventure-SA members
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What excites you and your friends? There's a good chance you'll find it here on Adventure-SA.
Share your finds with your audience and earn on whatever they buy
Find amazing experiences in our product catalogue, or select one of our promotional videos or banners to reach a more generic audience. If you have a website you can also subscribe to our RSS feed
Click on the relevant share link to post to facebook, twitter, google plus, whatsapp, email or website/blog. It's easy - your website visitors or social followers will click the listing, join the site and you'll be positioned to earn
Anyone that joins the site after clicking your share, is your referral. Any purchase they ever make, that has an associated commission assigned to it, will be paid to you the moment they redeem their voucher
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Saving The Memories
Here are a few of the commissions currently available. Note the links won't work until you log in
We are still in Pre-Launch mode. The site will only be live to purchase on 20 November. Until that date you may join and invite friends but please do not expect any earnings until after 20 November. Some functionality is still under development but will be complete before we launch.
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What millenials want
Choose how you get paid
Adventure-SA Points
Each point is worth R0.01 so if a commission value is R300.00 you earn 30000 points. Spend your points on any product on the Adventure-SA site
Withdraw your earnings to your South African bank account. This option is only available if you join the BizSafe Affiliates Network (free to our members)
Withdraw your earnings to your Bitcoin wallet. This option is only available if you join the BizSafe Affiliates Network (free to our members)
  • How are commissions paid?
    The commissions are paid in the form of an Adventure-SA voucher that you may redeem against any of the products listed on our site. If you prefer to withdraw the commissions as cash, you would need to join the BizSafe Affiliate Network
  • What is a referral link?
    Every member has a unique affiliate code. The affiliate code is added to a link behind every share button on this site. The link is referred to as a referral link. When someone joins the site after clicking on a referral link, we record the affiliate code against the new member so that when he/she makes a purchase we know who should get rewarded.
  • How much can I earn on one sale?
    That depends on the value of the sale. Commissions range from 10% - 70% of the goods being sold.
  • Who sets the commission value?
    The merchant determines how much they are willing to reward an affiliate
  • Does every product have a commission?
    No. Merchants can choose not to offer a reward
  • When do I receive my reward?
    When a referral redeems their voucher, the commission value is moved to the affiliates account and is available to spend immediately. BizSafe Affiliates get paid every Friday.
  • How do I join the Adventure-SA affiliate program?
    Join the Adventure-SA website (It's Free). All members are automatically enrolled into the affiliate program
  • How do I join the BizSafe Affiliate Network?
    There is a link available under the Affiliates Dashboard
  • How do I manage and monitor my efforts and earnings?
    Use the Affiliate Dashboard found on the Main Menu