Win 20K worth of adventures
Stand the chance to win 20k worth of Adventure-SA Vouchers by entering The 2020 Easter Scavenger Hunt to be hosted by Our Amazing Race in Capetown, Joburg and Durban over the Easter holidays.

Watch the trailing video to find out how the game works then scroll down to find out how to register your team

How it Works!
An Easter Scavenger Hunt
How To Play
How To Register Your Team
When you join Adventure-SA or Our Amazing Race you will receive a complementary voucher which is required to complete the entry form.
The voucher will be listed under the [Complementary Voucher] region which you will find on the [Member] tab at the top of your screen.
The [Member] tab is only visible once you have signed in to the site.

To register for the event, find your voucher and click on the [Book Now] Follow the promps to enroll your team

If you have already redeemed your voucher you may manage your team on the Our Amazing Race website. Use the same credentials as you use to log in to Adventure-SA